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You can call me Chey. My only success in life was Rebecca Mader favoriting my tweet.
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get to know me: [3/10] favorite tv shows: lost

"This is a place that you… that you all made together so that you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time you spent with these people on that island. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you.-Christian Shepard (The End)

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get to know me meme: [2/10] favorite tv shows: once upon a time

"Once Upon a Time gives me hope for my own happy ending, because it shows no matter how crappy your life is, now it  can always get better." - whovian-oncer

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get to know me meme: [1/10] favorite tv shows: doctor who

"When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid and that’s it. But the truth is the world is, so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better."

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Fangirl Challenge


inspired by [x] with slight changes. feel free to use it! :)

  • [10] tv shows
  • [5] movies
  • [10] female characters
  • [10] male characters
  • [10] pairings
  • [10] friendships
  • [5] families
  • [5] pilots
  • [7] opening credits
  • [5] quotes
  • [5] heartbreaking scenes/moments
  • [5] heartwarming scenes/moments
  • [7] character deaths
  • [4] character archetypes
  • [7] sceneries
  • [5] actors
  • [5] actresses

I’ve learned how to gif so I’m going to do this now!